July 1st - 9th Lakeside

It's a hot week in Southwest Michigan. Lots of posts for this time period. I've taken an overload of photos as at the end of this time (little over a week), I'm off to England to visit my family for a couple of weeks so there will be no walks at Asylum Lake.

I'm starting the week off with walks along the edge of the lake. It's my favourite place to start on a normal morning. There is something peaceful about beginning the day at the lake, watching the birds swimming, catching food and just generally enjoying the sounds. There aren't a lot of people around so it's usually just me and the early morning sounds. 

The Beavers' Lodge. No sign of the beavers this week! 

Look at how very green everything looks! 

I stand out on the point and can see a deer making its way through the reeds and out in the water. It must be quite shallow there! 

There are still a family of Wood Ducks around. 

The babies are growing bigger, and Mum is quite happy to let them swim a little further away, watching carefully from her spot on a log near to the shore.


The male Wood Duck isn't around. Wood Ducks don't mate for life and abandon the female either once incubation begins or not long after the babies are born.

Not too far away are a Mallard family. 

Male Mallards don't stay around after the babies are born either! 

Early morning the view from the beach is lovely. 

Some lovely clouds reflected in the lake. 

And a lovely water lily. They are beginning to flower now. 

It's the perfect segue into the next post - flowers, bugs and butterflies. 

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