Friday, March 16, 2018

More Frozen Flowers

I can't seem to get the water clear. I'm freezing it in bits so the flowers won't float, but by the time the latest water is frozen the bottom is cloudy. Sigh. I do like the way the bubbles and trails flow from the flowers. It's certainly an interesting experiment.

I've also learned a little more about my macro lens. I was (see bottom photo) having trouble getting the whole thing in focus, but after reading some comments and googling I've learned to go with a higher F# and it should get things more in focus. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

Frozen Flowers

The photography group I'm participating in - A Year with my Camera Graduates - has a new project for a new month. This month it is Frozen Flower Photography. I admit to not taking too many flower photos. I take some once in a while but it isn't my chosen subject. However I am giving it a go. There are no flowers growing here in Michigan so I went out and bought a cheap bunch of carnations.

Getting clear frozen water isn't easy. I haven't mastered it. I've tried lots of things including using dehumidifier water boiled twice and bottled water boiled twice. Water with flowers in seems to take forever to freeze and I think my checking it causes some of the bubbles. I've decided I like the bubbles and trails. It gives more character to the photos. I'm finding myself quite fascinated by this project. I'm planning on finding other natural things to freeze and see how they photograph.

These are a few of my favourites

Different lighting helps too. I was hoping for some sunshine to give natural light but that has been lacking the last couple of days so I've resorted to a craft light. I'm going to keep going on this one and will hopefully share more photos.

Monday, March 5, 2018

1 Day 12 Pics

It's the first weekend of the month so time to post twelve photos of your day. These are mine. Still haven't figured out how to get the twelve in one collage.

Still ice on the beach, but also beginning to see lots in the garden. Maybe next month there will be something growing to show!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Fred Russ Forest Park, Michigan

The day dawned bright and sunny again. Lovely to see especially on a weekend day. Today's walk had us going to a place we haven't walked at for a while. It's a little bit of a drive for us but not too far. It is called Fred Russ Forest Park. We weren't quite sure how it would be as it is quite muddy even on a good day. The trails are not only used by walkers but by horse riders too. There aren't a whole lot of trails so not a really long distance walk but It can be quite pretty. 

All the snow has gone but there was a little frost on the field as we walked past. 

We passed by this huge upturned tree. It looked fairly fresh. I suppose with all the rain, wet ground and winds it became uprooted. 

We were right! It was muddy. Waterlogged in places. There were some trails we couldn't even walk along!

It was quite funny to come across this frozen leaf puddle as our project this month with A Year with my Camera Graduate group is to freeze flowers/floral items and photograph them. I haven't given it a try yet but this is nature's version - lovely to see. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Walk in the Woods

With the warmer, sunnier weather we've had the last couple of days there have been some signs of Spring around. Today, while out walking, I stopped and just listened. I could hear lots of birds singing. It was an amazing sound. I looked around and caught sight of a robin and a red-winged blackbird both of which I haven't seen in a long time. At the edge of Asylum lake there was a muskrat gnawing on some reeds where the ice had defrosted and I even caught sight of the two swans who I regularly see in the warmer months. Nothing is growing but I can see that Spring will be coming soon. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Wet Walk

It was foggy and wet on Monday and just plain old wet on Tuesday. I think it actually threw down buckets of water. It never seemed to stop. Of course with the higher temperatures the snow melted and with the added rain things we are definitely trying to dry out now that the rain has stopped. I didn't go for a walk at the lake today as I knew it would probably be too wet. I decided on Portage Creek Bicentennial Park as the walkways are paved. 

It was very wet.

The creek was definitely bursting its banks. It was a lot higher than it normally is. 

I had to cross the road as the walk under the bridge was flooded. 

We had a touch of freezing rain early in the morning and the ice was still sticking to the trees when I was out walking. Not only was the walk wet it was really slippery in places!

But I wasn't the only one out and about. I think I scared him! Hopefully the rain has stopped for a couple of days and the water will soon recede. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Foggy Walk

Before the rain came the fog. It made for a foggy walk at Asylum Lake Preserve on Monday. It was lovely walking along, so eerie and it seemed I was in the middle of nowhere. It is on walks like this that I really appreciate Mother Nature and all the beauty around me.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I'm going to change things up a little and post more of my walks and general photos. I'm still not sure what direction this blog is running in. I thought about making it about certain photo projects, but it's not really turning out that way and I'm not really feeling it, which is why I don't write on here as much as I should. A blog should be fun to write. It shouldn't feel like a chore.

With that in mind I'm posting a few squirrel photos. For a while my daughter loved squirrels. It all stemmed from one of our visits home to England and her watching a squirrel get into a bin. They can be pests sometimes. One year when Mum and I went to Colchester there was so many of them! They were really bold too, coming up to us and trying to pinch our sandwiches.

They aren't like that much here in the states. Most are a little frightened of people unless they've been fed by them. Sometimes, when there isn't much else to take photos of I like to take pictures of them. They can be so goofy!

They were taken in different woodland walks, but the theme is the same. I didn't expect to see them out and about when it's so cold and snowy, but a little bit of sun and they are out!

This cheeky chubby thing keeps getting to the bird feeder - at least when there is snow on the ground. The bird feeder is up off the ground and the squirrel walks on top of snowy bushes to get to the pole. So funny!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

A Year with my Camera - Day 1 12 photos

I've been learning about using my camera and joined a course last year called A Year with my Cameral. It's a really good, fun group with easy-to-learn lessons about how to really use your camera. With this group one of the things we do each month is, on the first Saturday of the month, take 12 photos of your day. I usually end up doing it on Sundays as that's our 'fun' day when we usually get out and about.

To help keep me on track I've decided to post my collages here each month. I take them every month but I don't necessarily post them. I'm not really savvy about making a collage but do my best!

For today's theme I chose snow/winter. What a surprise! There isn't anything growing around here right now and we had another round of snowfall last night. The photos consist of my day out at the beach, lighthouse, ice festival and finally home to hot cocoa and a nice book!

There are a couple of things from my garden - the greenman and the branch (of an old planted Christmas tree).

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Still Black & White/Portage Creek Bicentennial Trail

The Black & White thing is driving me crazy. I'm looking around as I'm walking for scenes that I think will make great Black and White photos. Today I ended up walking at the Portage Creek Bicentennial Park Trail. It seems like a nice trail though I can imagine it gets quite busy in the summer. There were quite a few cars in the car park but I only saw a few people and there were parts that were really quiet and peaceful.

There is lots of great scenery but I really love taking photos of the winding paths that are along the trails. I love the signs that say 'blind curves ahead'. The snow is mostly gone - at least for now. The trail is nice and flat apart from walking up to the bridge that crosses Milham Road. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Another Black & White Post

I'm still thinking about my project for A Year with my Camera grads group. It's a black and white challenge. I like the idea of black and white, but in winter it sometimes seems like there is a lot of black, white and generally grey around that I'd like something to cheer me up a little. So it goes without saying that I'm finding it a struggle. I do like the idea of trees in black and white. Solitary ones. I can almost see it in my head. The only problem is that I can't seem to find a lot of solitary trees. Sigh.

Yesterday while travelling home from our Sunday jaunt the fog grew steadily thicker as we made it closer to home. Out through the van window I snapped a couple of photos. They weren't thought about a lot, but I like how they turned out. Almost eerie. They look almost solitary because of the thick fog. Unfortunately it was quite late when we got home and getting on for dark so no time to hop out and take photos.

This challenge certainly has me looking around me a little differently. A good thing I think. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Walk on a Michigan Beach in January

Sunday we went to Warren Dunes State Park again. Not to walk much, but more to see if we could get down on the beach. We went last week but it was too snowy and the wind was blowing. This week there were a few cars in the car park. Some were sledding down the large dune that's there close to the car park. Hubby decided to plunge right into the snow and walk down to the beach. I decided to check if there was a 'path'. He got snow up to his knees and in his boots. I got to walk on top of the snow. The ice is building. I took mostly black and white shots. Trying to get some moody ones.

If I were to name them both they would be Solitude. Hubby was staring out looking at the large ice piles forming on the edge of the lake. 

The snow barriers at work. One we came across at St Joseph beach was almost completely buried!

I think I'm done with black and white for a while. Everything around here is grey and it's taking a little toll on my mood. I'm going to look over some summer photos to cheer me up!

Monday, January 8, 2018


Made it to the lighthouse yesterday to give Black & White another go. I'm going to give it a rest for a while after this. I do like Black & White photography but I've decided I like colour better lol.

Here are a few of South Haven Lighthouse. Black & White.

I think I like them lol. Not a lot like the photographer I chose to study for A Year with my Camera, but my own style. I suppose in the end that's what we should be looking for - our own style.