April 23rd - 30th - Views and more, oh my!

Some views of the field this week

Some views of the lake this week

Still some flooding. The trees are underwater at the beach and also the point is still flooded. 

There were signs that fishermen had been around. It's nice to see them out fishing, but sad when they don't clean up their fishing line or lures. There are several times that lines have been left out at the point. A couple of years back I was there when a swan got caught up in the line. It was really distressing for the swan and distressing to watch. 

There were some deer down at the lake getting an early morning drink one day as I walked. It's not unusual to see them there. 

And lots of deer relaxing in the fields and woods and enjoying the fresh food growing. 

And my favourite Zen-looking deer of the week. 

In the woods were a couple of favourites, raccoons, chipmunks and squirrels.

Not just another week over at the lake, but the close of another month. It's been a great month. April is full of new beginnings, new growth and warmer days. There are returning birds, mating birds and the woods are beginning to become full of life. 

I can't wait to see what May brings!

April 23rd - 30th - Around the Lake

The beavers were out and about again this week. They were still so busy with lots of evidence of their presence. 


They are just so beautiful to watch. 

A Muskrat. These can be seen around the lake quite often and are sometimes mistaken for Beavers. Before I actually saw a beaver, I must admit that I wouldn't have known the difference. I was always told that you could tell by looking at their tails. That would be nice, if I actually often saw beavers' tails. Obviously, beavers are a lot bigger, but after seeing quite a few of them I've come to realise that beavers' noses are different, more bear-like rather than pointed and their ears are rounder. Muskrats also seem to use their tails to steer them when they are swimming. 

There was a lot of other activity on the lake this week. It isn't just up in the fields and woods that things are hopping. 

There are still lots of geese around. Usually, they are quite genial to one another but come mating season they are very argumentative. They squawk at one another and don't like other geese being near them. Canadian Geese are monogamous and perhaps a little protective of their mates - especially during mating season. 

The Wood Ducks are still checking out the trees for potential nesting spots. 

Female Wood Duck 

Male Wood Duck

A different visitor for the lake - a Spotted Sandpiper. They like to walk on the shores of ponds, streams and marshes. 

I saw it down by the flooded platform. Usually, this space is pretty dry and lots of snakes can be seen there. This year it was mostly underwater during springtime. Sometimes toads can be seen there too.

Another visitor to the lake this week were the lovely Pied-billed Grebes.

And finally, the herons seemed to have returned. It's always a great time of year to see them. 

Finally got two herons in the same photo!

I think this fish might be a carp, though I'm not entirely sure. Herons can be such patient hunters, sometimes it's a matter of just waiting for them to catch anything!

One more post for this week, I think. Some views and some other woodland animals. 

April 23rd - 30th

It's coming towards the end of the month and things are starting to warm up a little. The nights are still quite chilly, but I can see that Spring is finally in the air. 

There are definitely some things starting to grow and a few buds around.


It's lovely to finally see things growing. I love this time of year! 

Lots of lovely birds around again this year. The spring migration is really starting to hop! Walking through the fields and woods the air is filled with songs of different birds calling to one another. 

Lots of warblers about.

There seems to be a lot of yellow warblers on the other side of the lake, flitting from reed to reed close to the water. They are so easy to spot as they are so brightly coloured. 

One of my favourites to see at this time of year is the Palm Warbler. They are a little bigger than some warblers and their bellies rounder. 

I love the rusty spot on the top of their heads. 

The lovely Yellow-rumped Warbler. Another one who likes to sit on the reeds by the lake ready to catch a bug or two. 

I usually hear this little warbler before I see them. A Common Yellow-throated Warbler. Lovely little thing that seems to like the fields of Asylum Lake. 

It's another week when there are a lot of birds around. As I walked through the woods and fields there seemed to be lots of them to see. At this time of year they are singing their hearts out wooing mates. 

A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. I don't usually see many of these about so it was a real treat to spot him going from branch to branch - really hard to catch in a photo. 

House Wren. Such a tiny bird with a really big song. It always amazes me when I hear them singing.

A Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Lovely little bird. 

A Rough-winged Swallow. A nice spring visitor to the lake. They don't seem to stick around in droves, but there are always a few around. 

Grosbeak. A male. They are so much more colourful than the females. 

Catbirds. They really do sound like cats meowing when they call out! The first time I heard one I thought there was a cat stuck in a tree! I love these birds. They are such a lovely colour of grey, with a darker spot on their heads and red under their tails. I see them sometimes in my garden eating the grape jelly I put out for the Orioles. 

Brown Creeper. Despite their rather sad name they are interesting birds. They like to creep up tree trunks. I've been spotting them down near where the lake drains into a smaller stream. They eat the bugs they find in the bark. 

Hermit Thrush. They are pretty birds with interesting shades of brown, spotted chests and the most wonderful song. They are another one whose call I usually hear before seeing them. 

Brown Thrasher. They have the most amazing golden eyes. Such wonderful birds to see. It was nice to see it low enough to be able to photograph. I usually see them as I walk through the field on top of a tree singing their hearts out. 

A robin gathering dried grass for nest building. 

Tree Swallows and Blue Birds still trying to decide who will win the birdhouses! 

Chickadees. These birds are year-round residents. They say their name when they call out. Chick-a-dee-dee. 

Another year-round resident and one of my favourite woodpeckers. This is a lovely male Pileated Woodpecker. Male Pileated have a red moustache. The females don't. They are the biggest woodpecker and have quite loud, distinctive calls. 

There were a LOT of woodland and field birds around this week. What did I see on the lake?